Day 03 – The Best Book You’ve Read In The Last 12 Months

Ok, for this one I’ve decided not to go with any of the books I’ve previously mentioned. Spring-Heeled Jack and Dreadnought would probably both qualify for this but I thought I’d pick something a little more obscure.

I previously knew Mark Gatiss as one of the stars of The League of Gentlemen, the BBC horrorcomedy series, as well as character actor from Doctor Who and a plethora of historical dramas. Somehow I never realised he was the writer behind some of the better Doctor Who episodes and books. The quality of his TV writing, and the depth of devotion he demonstrated in the excellent History of Horror documentary series, convinced me I had to read the Lucifer Box trilogy.

Covering the three great ages of detective fiction (Edwardian, Roaring ’20s and Post-WWII) the series follows the charming, handsome, witty and overtly bisexual Lucifer Box, portrait artist and secret agent, from his glory days to the twilight of his career via three excitingly camp adventures. Gatiss’ love for detective fiction is clear in every single page. Box is a James Bond for the modern age (but in the past), you won’t find any that “homosexuals can’t whistle” rubbish here, and Box doesn’t spend all his time chasing women, rather he chases anything that moves, male or female. Much more entertaining that way!

Even Better Thirty Day Song Challenge – Day 3 – Track For A Roadtrip

There’s something wonderfully sci-fi about driving past a power station at 3am on a deserted motorway with the Blade Runner soundtrack playing in the background.


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