Day 07 – Least Favorite Plot Device

Actually my least favorite device is, well, devices.

If you’re going to write steampunk fiction either, 1) do your homework about how the device/machine/object works or 2) come up with a plausible reason why yours works differently. I have no problem with the laws of physics, sanity or common sense being twisted, but I’d rather that you acknowledge the twist, rather than assuming that people won’t notice your history is off. Check that a dirigible can actually lift that much weight. Research the time an ocean crossing would take on a paddle boat. Take into account that your character is a tiny woman but the tech you just described would weigh 200lbs. If someone has multiple limbs cut off and replaced with machinery then have them react to that fact! See Evil Dead for reference, at least the overacting would be better than not reacting at all.

I also recently read a book (which will remain nameless) that used existing fiction characters. Please, if you feel you must do that, first consider not doing it cos if you’re writing is bad you’re going to make some people angry, second (if you still feel you must) check you’ve got their name right. Also if you feel you have to translate it from the original language, make use there isn’t another, better known character using the same name, cos then that’s just plain confusing. Please, unless its straight fan fiction, leave other peoples stuff alone until you know what you’re doing with your own.

Even Better Thirty Day Song Challenge – Day 7 – Track For Staring Out Of Windows Feeling Wistful

And I won’t feel… a thing.


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