Day 11 – A Book that Disappointed You

I’m a Philip K Dick fan. I have a whole shelf filled with his books. Generally I enjoy most of his work, even if the things they have inspired are better than the original books (Blade Runner is one of my favorite movies, and Total Recall is one of the few Schwarzenegger films I can stand). I even liked The Penultimate Truth, which has the single most frustrating ending of any book ever written!

So why can’t I finish The Man In The High Castle? I’m told (by people who read real literature) that it’s his best book. But nothing happens?!?! Not only does nothing happen (in the first half at least, which was as far as I could drag my boredom) the language actually makes sense. You don’t spend every page wonder what the f*** is going on, or what drugs Dick as taking on that particular day. The fact that it didn’t read like a Philip K Dick book is probably the reason I couldn’t finish it, that wasn’t that promise of complete bats**t insanity that kept the other books interesting. I knew I should have stayed away from literature :p

Even Better 30 Day Song Challenge – Day 11 – Track That’s Gibberingly Upbeat & Happy

As a member of CAMRA I too enjoy a fancy beer!


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