Day 18 – Favorite Childhood Book

I switched around day 13 and day 18 when I realised that I already had an entry for favorite opening scene.

It’s hard to chose a favorite childhood book because I wasn’t really a booky kid when I was a child, though I was an extremely booky teenager. I thank Terry Pratchett and Anne McCaffery for that, though more their adult books than the ones aimed at kids. Amazing Maurice didn’t come out until 2001 when I was at university and that was really the first kid centric Discworld book. I’d already read the rest of Discworld by then, working backwards from Soul Music in 1994. But there are Pratchett books outside of Discworld. The shockingly tragic Nation being the latest, Carpet People being the first.

For me however the Bromeliad/Nome series was my first taste of Pratchett, and the first time I found a book that really appealed to me. It was set in places I knew about – department stores, quarries and Kennedy Space Center (yeah, I was a geeky kid and one of the few in my class to be lucky enough to go to Florida regularly). Pratchett has a great way of making everyday things wonderful by changing your perspective, and seeing the world through the eyes of creatures a few inches high is perfect for that. Plus it has spaceships, and Concord. It will always be a regret of mine that now Concord is gone I’ll never get to eat strange woobly pink stuff and look for Nomes under the seats.

Even Better 30 Day Song Challenge – Day 18 – Track That Reminds You It’s Gonna Be Alright

Normally songs like this just make me more depressed but I think the combination of JoCo’s voice and the fact that this is about a real guy, who really did all these insane things, makes it all ok.


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