A Better 30 Day Blog Challenge?

Picture is unrelated :pAs you’ve probably noticed I haven’t been posting much content here recently. Mostly* that’s because I’ve been working hard on a number of projects that I can’t share publicly yet. I’ll hopefully have a few previews of my work from the Abney Park “Airship Pirates” project to share with you over the next few days, but my current project isn’t going live to the world until Christmas. So I’ve been looking for other content to keep this site going until my next project. Somehow I don’t think it can survive on Wordless Wednesdays alone!

After the relative success of the Thirty Days of Books I’ve been looking for something else to inspire me… and so far I’m not find anything especially inspirational. The majority of the lists I’ve seen have gotten a bit twee- “Describe your perfect first date”; or a bit repetitive “post a photo of you a year ago/5 years ago/10 years ago”; or a bit too girly “describe what’s in your handbag/your skin care routine”; or a bit too personal for a public blog “worst personal habit/time you tried to kill yourself”.

I think the types of questions that appear over and over would be an interesting subject for a thesis into the personality profile of the majority of internet users but not something that’s likely to make me hugely excited about blogging. Then I remembered The Even Better Thirty Day Song Challenge, the prompts for which seem to have been deleted from Facebook 😦 I really enjoyed completing that challenge because the strangeness of the prompts actually made you think about your choices, it wasn’t just a case of giving a lame answer on autopilot. You can usually name your favorite song with ease, but can you name your favorite song for defenestrating a TV with as much ease?

Sadly I haven’t been able to find a general blogging list of that type… I guess I’m going to have to write my own instead 😀

*Partly because I’ve cracked a rib. Whilst cleaning. Whoops.


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