Let’s Go Shopping!

To celebrate the re-opening of my Etsy store, just in time for Halloween, I thought I’d share some of my very favorite stores from both Etsy and Folksy.

Plain Jane Textiles makes gorgeous handprinted fabrics in a range of colours and themes. The fabrics are available in their raw form or packaged into super cute kits, as well as premade in handy project bags and cases. Where else are you going to find a fabric covered in classic British curse words? I have the bird cage fabric in my library and it’s simply fabulous, come on, you know you need this in your life.

These aren’t just any sock monkeys, these are Siansbury‘s sock monkeys. In her store you’ll find a variety of adorable and incredibly colourful pre-made monkeys, but it’s her custom gallery that’ll knock your socks off. Poirot! Braveheart! Doctor Who! More Jedis that you can shake a lightsaber at! Lennon, Hendrix, Ozzy, Billy Idol!! Cap’n Kirk! Honestly, the very fabric of the universe should tear apart from such a concentrated amount of awesome. I’m lucky enough to be the owner of the Glitch (from Tin Man) monkey and I can assure you the build quality is superb.

Gemma Nemer is one of our local superstars (her brick and mortar shop “The Button Tin” was on Newsnight this week!) and no trip to Rotherham would be complete without a visit to her vintage studio. All her jewellery is hand made from reclaimed vintage fabrics which makes it one of a kind! She’s also branching out into wedding accessories such as bouquets and button holes, (check out her facebook page for more examples) and running workshops so you can learn to make beautiful things too!

Yet more creatures made from socks (I’m not obsessed or anything, honest!), in this case Picky Miss offers a selection of the most charming monster foundlings in need of a new home. Each little critter has his own personality – I especially like Tinker, who doesn’t like raindrops on roses or whiskers on kittens, or bright copper kettles, or warm woollen mittens, but does like sharp objects and the colour black. My kinda guy. I welcomed this little fella in to my home a while ago, and other than stealing the cat’s favourite bed he’s been no trouble at all. Picky Miss also hosts craft parties on request, what a fantastic idea for a kiddies birthday or a really deviant hen party 😀 She also makes very geeky cross-stitch pictures!

Now for something completely different, Laura Couture Buttons are some of the most amazingly beautiful things you’ll ever see. Handmade, glazed ceramic buttons. Just look at this Alice In Wonderland buttons! If you make your own clothing, or if you want to make a boring shopbought piece more interesting, you need these buttons. If you’ve spent a month hand-knitting a cardi from cashmere yarn, why finish it with a mass produced button from China? Your work deserves the best, accept no imitations!


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