Happy Hallowe’en Giveaway!

I’ve wanted to run a giveaway for a while now, and I wanted to do it to coincide with getting 100 likes on my facebook page. But I have some awesome new posters to show you and the lure of Hallowe’en is just too strong.

The Prizes

First prize is one signed A3 (297×420cm / 11.69×16.54in) print of “Herr Drosselmeyer’s Doll”.

Second and third are a postcard of the hallowe’en appropriate Gorgon design.

How to Enter

Comment below with a description of your perfect Hallowe’en evening.

Don’t worry about the quality of the writing, the winner isn’t going to be based on the best answer, I just thought it’d be nice to have something other than the usual “yes please” comments and so I gave you something to write about.

Entries to be in midday by 31st October, names will be drawn at random out of a spooky plastic skull by midnight.



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14 responses to “Happy Hallowe’en Giveaway!

  1. Chrissy

    This Halloween!
    I’m gonna be with one of my bestest friend and we’ll attend a Tori Amos concert. 🙂

  2. My perfect Hallowe’en evening is horrendously boring by most standards. It doesn’t involve parties or costumes (usually), and tends to centre very closely around the flat.

    Work is always inevitable, so the trip home would involve a stop at a liquor store to pick up wine, rum, and whatever shopping list my roommate and her boyfriend gave me. At home, the collection of silly movies and tv shows comes out and we settle in for a marathon and drinks. Somewhere along the line, there tends to be baking, Voltaire music during breaks in whatever marathon is running, and copious amounts of candy, chocolate, and alcohol. It’s an evening purely centred around close friends, relaxing, and insane amounts of sugar.

    There may be a discussion at some point of who makes the better pirate: Voltaire, Captain Robert, or Tim Curry.

    • Honestly that’s pretty much my perfect halloween except none of our local friends appreciate “classic” horror films. Sugar and booze – a classic combination.

      I used to have a great picture of Voltaire in that pirate hat (with a big feather in it) but now I can’t find it. But Tim Curry is lovely.

  3. I think my perfect Halloween would include lots of candlelit pumpkin heads, childishly gruesome food items (me and the kids made blood and guts last year, which was basically tomatoey meaty sauce and every shape of pasta we could find in the cupboards), a decent anime film (say, Appleseed) and NO trick-or-treaters, cos I’m a selfish and miserable cow who doesn’t like getting off the sofa to give out sweets to strangers. Yeah, I have kids, but I’m still the boss round here.

    • Oh Appleseed good choice. Last time we had friends over I made traditional Samhain cakes, which turned out to be rocks, they were pretty scary but not intentionally. We get one family of awesome trick or treaters and then about 15 teens with their hoods up demanding 50p. It’s depressing really :p

  4. jane sharp

    my perfect hallowe’en evening? a nice glass of the red stuff (wine, i mean, dont worry) and a bunch of horror movies, before slipping into a kinda sexy witchy outfit and heading out to houses of (hopefully eligable) mens houses for a spot of trick or treating hopefully i’d get some great treats in my bag and i might even get invited inside to share them woulnt i be a lucky witch?

  5. My favorite Halloween evening has more to do with the atmosphere and ambiance than it does the activities. Crisp, cool twilight hours that seem to last forever and a slight, lingering dampness in the air coupled with the soft crunch of brightly colored leaves underfoot. An electric tingle down my spine and the thrill of walking off into the unknown.

    I’ll be spending my evening walking the woods and will be just as likely to encounter coyotes on the prowl as I will ghosts, goblins and ghouls.

  6. For several years we used to host/arrange a haunted house at one of the local teen-discos. Not doing that anymore (the LARP-community here disappeared), but my sister has taken up the tradition – in a way. She helps her daughter to host Halloween parties at their place, with yucky (but yummy) food, decorations, the lot. There will be a party this year as well, but we’ve been told (by my niece) that we are not allowed to scare them like we normally do. I think it went a bit too far (for the age group) last year…

    My perfect Halloween evening would be one of these two… something hauten house-ish. I love to scare children.

  7. All I want for Halloween is a decent game of Dracula.* By decent, I mean with friends who take on hilariously stereotypical roles and costumes, and cards like ‘Holy Water’ and ‘Garlic’ for extra effects 😉


  8. My perfect Halloween evening would be spent at the tiny graveyard just up the road from me. It’s populated with influenza victims from last century and has lain dormant for many years. Many headstones are tilted or overturned, the plants have grown tangled, and the trees are huge. It is such a wonderfully peaceful, beautiful place.

    I’d like to have a night-picnic there. I’d lay out a soft, dark toned blanket and arrange wine (white for me, though red is more in the spirit but it gives me such a headache!), a basket of fresh bread, assorted cheeses and something chocolatey.

    It would be a restful evening, far from the commercial trappings and hype. A time alone with memories, nature, and those who have moved on… hopefully. Perhaps one or two souls still linger?

    — Ceejay Writer

  9. Rach

    I would start by wishing my oldest and dearest friend V, a very Happy Hallowe’en! I would spend a spooky time with my husband at the beautiful Whitby Abbey, then we’d go to York’s most haunted pub, The Golden Fleece for a drink of blood red wine. I would then finish the night by lighting a candle to remember my late Grandad’s 86th Birthday, a day which he sadly knew that he would never make it to xxx

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