A Steampunk New Years Gift From Me To You

2011 is almost over, 2012 is just around the corner and I wanted to make you all a little freebie gift for being so good to me this year. So here’s a little desk calendar featuring the Airship Pirates city mascots.

Click on the image above to get the full size image. (It’s set to A4, the standard international printer size, if you’re using another size just scale to fit when you print.)

Cut off the white areas and cut the slits on the left hand side to put the tabs through.

Then just fold along the lines between the images.

You’ll end up a three sided calendar that stands on its own.

Please note that whilst it works with paper it’ll look better and last longer on thin card.

You can purchase photo quality prints of this, in various sizes, from DeviantArt if your printer won’t cooperate 😀


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9 responses to “A Steampunk New Years Gift From Me To You

  1. Roland

    I like this idea, already printed out and now on my desk! 🙂

    Thank You


  2. I just submitted this link to Reddit / Steampunk so that you can get the credit / love you deserve for releasing something this gorgeous for free: check out the link at http://www.reddit.com/r/steampunk/comments/njziq/yall_seen_this_free_printable_steampunk_2012/ and upvote it if you’re a Reddit member.

    You selling glossy, card-printed versions? – I’d sure as hell buy one you know…

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