Exciting Development’s at Spoonflower – Wallpaper and Decals!!

I’m sure I’ve mentioned Spoonflower and their amazing fabric products before, but now they have two new items that I’m going to take a few minutes to squee over.

The must amazing of the two products is custom wallpaper. Yep, actual wallpaper, for walls, not the kind that goes on your computer screen. Gone are the days of wandering around hardware stores trying to find something that isn’t terrible. Now you can create your very own wallpaper. Or (if the artist has enabled it) you could cover your walls with your favourite prints.

I’ve only enabled a few of my prints as wallpapers as not all of them work on that scale, but look, OctoSquidy wallpaper, perfect for a kids room!

The other new product is polyester wall decals you can move around. Big wall designs have been gaining in popularity for a while, and these kind of stickers are also great for laptops and fridges. Again, I’ve only made a few of my designs available so far, but I do have plans to introduce more next year. I decided to enable the single sheet calendar designs as decals, I thought they’d be useful in a college dorm room or somewhere else with limited space. I’m going to test one in the kitchen and see how it fairs (and whether you can write on them).


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