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Steampunk & Victoriana Exhibition in Leek, Staffordshire

-Poster by Phantoms Siren-

The Steampunk & Victoriana Exhibition will be running at the Foxlowe Arts Centre in Leek, Staffordshire (England) from 20th October to 18th November. The artists on display include – Miss Emilly Ladybird, Dr Geof, Justin Rasbridge, Neil Watkins, Liz Yates, Stefany Maden, Emma Brackenbury, Timesmiths and myself.

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Bradford Industrial Museum Steampunk Exhibition

Just got back from the opening of the Bradford Steampunk Exhibition. It’s on until May, and I strongly recommend that you go. There are many wonderful and baffling things, including a mermaid, and a 3D film featuring Jema Hewitt and Kit Cox, and 5 of my pictures from Airship Pirates, as well as a plethora of costumes, weapons and bizarre inventions.

The Exhibition is hosted by the Bradford Industrial Museum which has some fantastic collections of machinery, including trams, trains, antique cards and all the machines you’d have seen in a textile mill. I’m a bit of a fiber nerd so it was cool to see all the spinning and carding machines. If a bit noisy.

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