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November 17, 2013 · 4:04 PM

Good News, Everyone! Baby!

IMG_4892That’s right. As you may or may not know, I am expecting. We no longer need to keep putting diapers on the cat and trying to enroll her in nursery; we will have an actual human child which we may happily spoil and raise in the dark arts, as polite society intends.

The bad news is that being pregnant is a physically taxing experience. For all the rewards, it comes with the drawbacks of physical discomfort, to put it mildly, and my condition does not leave me in the position to adopt many positions. Say, for instance, the position of sitting in front of the drafting table, slaving lovingly over your highly prized commissions. So, with some regret, I must announce that I am putting a hold on accepting any future commissions until my body’s tenant has packed up and moved into the outside world. Not to worry, at some point in the future, commissions will resume but I hope that you will understand that I would like to care for my poor baby-filled body (and the baby therein) for the time being. Just the time being, though! I want to stress that once the baby is out here, instead of rattling a little tin cup against my insides, that I will take up commissions once more!

Now, what does this mean for those of you who have currently negotiated commissions and projects with me? You need not worry! I still fully intend to honour those commitments. In fact, if you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact me and I will set the record straight. Your work will be done!

So, long story short: Have baby. Mind happy. Body angry. New work paused. Current work on track.

Thank you!

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Holiday Shipping Deadlines!

It’s not yet December, and no doubt the holidays still seem a long way off, but really it’s not that long at all! Best to get your shopping done now, no one likes running around shopping centres at 6pm on Christmas Eve. Plus you can’t buy awesome things from online retailers at the last minute! Why not? Because of shipping.

If you’d like to buy something from one of my stores – Etsy or Folksy – then time is running out. Below are the very last deadlines for standard shipping as recommended by Royal Mail.

  • USA & Canada – 10th December
  • Western Europe – 12th December
  • UK – 13th December
  • Everywhere Else – 5th December

Please note that in the UK I maybe able to offer signed for delivery after the 13th but it will cost more, and I advise you to contact me first.

Please also note that if there is a massive snow storm and your town (on another continent to me) is cut off there isn’t very much I can do about it, though if I had super powers I would.

Any orders made from the DeviantArt store or Spoonflower are shipping from their facilities in the US, unfortunately I cannot find details of their last shipping dates, however since items are printed on demand there may be a delay so order ASAP if you need anything from there.

Last Order dates for the RedBubble store are available here.

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Another Exciting New Product From Spoonflower!

So they just added the awesome vinyl decals and lovely wallpaper, and now they’ve added WRAPPING PAPER as well!!! These guys are pushing the boundaries of awesomeness I swear! The wrapping paper is for a limited time only for the holidays so get over there!

Here’s the example graphics for a couple of my designs-



You can order as wrapping paper by clicking on the button to the bottom right of your chosen design.

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Wordless Wedded Wednesday

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2013 Calendars!

September is drawing to a close, the weather is getting a bit more wintery (England didn’t have a summer this year) and I’m sorry to say it’s time to think about Christmas/Yule/New Years. Well it is for artists and other creative types at least.

I’ve a few different calendar offerings for you this year.

First of all there are two different collected art calendars available in the DeviantArt store –

Zodiac Calendar by =phantoms-siren on deviantART

Art of Phantoms Siren Calendar by =phantoms-siren on deviantART

And now we also have two single sheet calendars. The first is an update of last years nouveau piece.

Available as a photo print here – 2013 Nouveau One Sheet Calendar
by =phantoms-siren on deviantART
This design is also available as a tea towel, or as a movable wall decal.

The second is new for 2013 and features the “Books” design.

Available as a photo print here – 2013 One Page Calendar
by =phantoms-siren on deviantART
This design is also available as a tea towel, or as a movable wall decal.

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Folksy Shop: Cards Galore

My Folksy shop has now been restocked with ALL the card designs I have left. A lot of these won’t or can’t be repeated in future so grab them before they’re gone.

If you’re interested in commissioning a piece, I have some slots available at the moment. Just drop me a message by following the ‘Commissions’ link to the left.

Here’s a couple of recent commission pieces –

Simplistic portrait, £10 each til September 1st.

For complex and art nouveau pieces please contact me for an estimate.

Tattoo of the phrase “An awful lot of running to do” in Gallifreyan.

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Happy New Year! Resolutions?

Welcome to 2012! I’m a little bit late, but only by a day, which is a vast improvement on last year, when I missed it by three weeks!

I hope you’ve all had a lovely holiday season and a great new year. And that you’ve recovered from the hangover by now, if not, well done sir but cut back on the boozahol next year!

Inspired by the lovely Margrethe over at One Life Documented, I’ve decided to make some resolutions. I’m terrible at resolutions (didn’t even make any last year) but hopefully putting them in a public place might shame me into sticking with it.

I’m going to try to post new art here at least once a week, and I’m hoping to make at least 3 posts over at my personal blog Alternative Hausfrau. My personal blog is mostly cookery at the moment but I’m hoping to restart my book blog and add projects/tutorials over there as well. There’s a few things I’ve taken photos for and never uploaded.

I’m going to try to keep up with the Wordless Wednesday on both blogs as well, but I’ve also signed up to ShutterCal which is a calendar-based daily photography project, so I’m going to try to post there every day. If you’d like to follow my calendar you can find it HERE.

Another resolution is also to finish at least one old abandoned project every week. That might be art, or a half-knit sock, or the unbuilt garden furniture, but whatever it is I’ll be sharing my progress on my personal blog too, and I’d love it if you guys would share yours too.

Last year I took part in Julia Crossland’s Being Creative project, though I did rather badly at keeping a record of what I was doing. If you’re looking for inspiration or creative prompts, that’s a good place to start.

My last resolution is to spend more time on languages. I have many lovely international friends who speak better English than I do as well as their own language. To quote Korben Dallas – “Whoa, lady, I only speak two languages, English and bad English.” To try to make up for the shameful ignorance on my part I’m going to try to spend at least 30 minutes a week on both German and Norwegian (Bokmal), which might not sound like a lot, but I do read both languages regularly through out the day. If anyone speaks either language and would like to help me embarrass myself, feel free to write in that language and I’ll try to reply. I’d love to learn basic Icelandic too, but I’m struggling to find a suitable course so that might have to wait until next year.

Glückliches Neues Jahr! / Godt Nyttår!


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Giveaway Winners!

Thank you to everyone who took part in my first giveaway, it was lovely to read about your perfect Halloween. I hope you all had a good night 🙂

The winners are –

First Place – Ceejay Writer

Second Place – Disobedient Child

Third Place – Caitlin

Drop me a message via the contact form on this page with your address details and I’ll get the prizes sent off this week.

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Live In Leeds This Saturday!!

I’ll have a stall full of all things steam nouveau at the Leeds Steampunk Market this Saturday! Hope to see you there!

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