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Gallifreyan Translation

This is a bit of English to Gallifreyan transliteration that I did for a friend. I love all the crossovers that are developing between the Sherlockian and Whovian fandoms, and the adorable idea that Sherlock is a timelord (it would certainly explain a lot!). This is the classic Sherlock Holmes quote – “When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth!” written in Gallifreyan text using the BlackHatGuy method. You would not believe how long this took!!!



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Quick Update

I seem to to use all my posts to apologise for not posting much don’t I?

Not much to say at the moment. My rib is still broken and I’m struggling to get anything done. Yes, the rib I cracked on the 7th of July, is still broken. Doctors can’t do anything about it so I just have to languish until it sorts itself out.

Apparently the second half of the current Doctor Who season starts next week (27th of August). I’m reserving judgment. So far I’ve been disappointed with this season. I have no problem with the Eleventh Doctor, I wasn’t happy when I saw the pre-production shots, and there’s something about Matt Smith IRL that makes me twitch, but he makes an excellent madcap Doctor. And he doesn’t spit all the time which was getting a bit off putting with Ten by the end. I’m not all that bothered about Rory or Amy, their characters aren’t that interesting but at least they aren’t Donna. I adore River, I can’t wait to see where they go with her story.

And yet… the episodes themselves haven’t been up to the usual quality. With the exception of the Neil Gaiman episode, which was frankly one of the best episodes since Blink. It was pure genius- funny, clever, heartbreaking, it had everything.

“Biting’s excellent! It’s like kissing, but there’s a winner.”

But the pirate ship episode? That didn’t feel phoned in, it felt carrier-pigeoned in. “We saw Pirates of the Caribbean and thought ‘We’ll have some of that!’ but with a budget of 50p!” I have a lot of the tie-in fiction books, they’re good for mindless reading, but I didn’t expect the actual episodes to be on a par with them. It might improve though, I mean Donna went away eventually (though we never did get to see her head explode, I’d have paid good money for that) and no amount of good plots could make her tolerable. Hopefully The Grand Moff will pull something exciting out of the bag in the second half of the season to make up for the dross.

In the meantime I’ve been listening to Chameleon Circuit’s second album Still Got Legs on repeat for the last couple of weeks. It’s excellent, exactly the kind of upbeat, geeky, funny music I needed right now. If you like Doctor Who and rock then you should enjoy this. Apparently the combination of the two is called trock. So far trock is much less disturbing than wrock (Harry Potter themed music). This is my favorite track (I do love The Mister Master) –

Or maybe it’s this one-

I really should get their first album. Hmmmmm.

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“A Tear, Sarah Jane?” RIP Lis Sladen

With only four days left until the premiere of the new season of Doctor Who, it was a huge shock to read of the death of Lis Sladen. Better known as Sarah Jane Smith, Lis was originally a companion of the Third and Fourth Doctors, but more recently appeared in several Tenth Doctor episodes, as well as in her own spin off series The Sarah Jane Adventures.

I didn’t watch the Third and Fourth Doctor episodes when they first came out, due to not having been born, and I have to admit to not watching them on repeat because…. I’m terrified of Tom Baker *ahem* So my first real encounter with Sarah Jane was in School Reunion with David Tennant and a guest appearance from the deliciously evil Anthony Head (Repoman, yum!). Even though I wasn’t that familiar with the character, her performance as the abandoned companion was absolutely perfect, I even cried when the stupid robot dog died! The strength of her performance has actually encouraged me to try to get over my fear of Tom Baker and revisit the earlier series. I’m glad I did.

Along with the recent death of Nicholas Courtney (who played The Brigadier) this is a sad loss for the Doctor Who fandom, its just fortunate that the new series continues to introduce fresh awesome talent that might eventually fill the gaps.


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