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New Products! New Art! New!



I love phone cases and skins. For as long as it’s been possible to decorate a mobile phone or a laptop I have done. I have a variety of hard cases available on RedBubble but I was hugely excited when GelaSkins rebranded as Nuvango and announced that their amazing range of skins were available for print-on-demand artists. There are literally skins for every bit of electronics you can think of, not just iPhones and Blackberrys, there are Playstation skins! DS skins! Nook and Kindle skins! Wii skins! They do hard cases for the major phones too, but these skins are ideal for anything you want to protect, without adding extra weight or bulk. I’ve used this brand of skin for years (I have a 7 year old iPod classic in one of these skins and its still perfect) so I’m very excited to finally be able to offer them with my art on them!

Screen Shot 2014-09-26 at 10.31.54

Screen Shot 2014-09-26 at 10.31.33

Screen Shot 2014-09-26 at 10.31.10

It’s currently 15% off all hoodies and sweatshirts over at RedBubble! Use code HOODIE15

There are also new products available on RedBubble- tote bags, throw pillows and bedding!



Last bit of news for today- the latest novella in Nico Murray’s excellent vampire series “Winterblood” is out now, and the next full length novel “Stealing Sunlight” will be available in November!


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CoffeeMania Design Project

It’s been a long time since I last updated this blog. But now I’m back, and I hope that the project I’m going to show you will help you to forgive my absence. 

In New York State (on the other side of the Atlantic to me) there’s a marvellous coffee company called CoffeeMania. They have drive-throughs and cafes as well as selling their delicious coffee online (I can testify to it’s deliciousness cos I’ve tried all their blends, you should try them too). I was commissioned to design a series of steampunk labels for their ten special coffee blends, and here they are-


There are two decaf blends and eight blends to suit any taste from mellow and soothing to deep, rich and dark, including a special holiday blend that’s perfect for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

If you’re in the area you can buy the whole beans in various sized jars directly from the stores, as well as the bags that are also available online.



Please visit www.cnycoffee.com to find out about each blend and how to order them.


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Down With Tea!

Down With Tea
by =phantoms-siren on deviantART

The following statement is probably going to lose me my steampunk card but I can’t keep in any more. I HATE TEA! There, I said it. I hate the smell and the taste of tea. It’s just wrong. I like chai if its spicy enough and I love coffee, but I just can’t stomach tea. And I’m tired of the assumption that all steampunks love tea. There has to be someone else out there who agrees? Surely? No? Awwwww.

    In Other News –

A friend pointed out this video on the Abney Park channel last night.

See the image at 3:28? That would be my Herr DrosselMeyer’s Doll fan art. I don’t know how I never noticed this before, YouTube seems to suggest the video has been up since 2008, clearly I need to pay more attention. Thanks Abney Park!!!

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Exciting! Interview and Traveling Museum

The lovely and talented Chaz Nouveau has just published an interview with me about art, inspiration and international steampunk.

Read it here!

For those of you who missed it, I was also lucky enough to get this piece included in Dr Geof’s First First Tea Company Traveling Museum!

The Island Of Doctor Geof

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