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Day 29 – Saddest Character Death

Hmmmm I’ve already talk about Snape, and I can’t really go on about Erik again so soon after a previous PotO based post. I was considering making the title of this one “Most Satisfying Character – Death” and talking about Neil Gaiman’s Death of the Endless or Pratchett’s anthropromorphic personification Death, but again I’ve probably wittered on about both those authors a bit too much.

So I’m going to use “saddest” in it’s British slang meaning of “lamest” and talk about Duncan Idaho. Now I wasn’t that bothered about Duncan in the David Lynch version, but I liked him in the first Sci Fi Channel mini-series adaptation and then came to adore him in the second Children of Dune mini-series. Now this had nothing to do with the fact that he was played by my all time favorite actor Edward Atterton… ok I lie, it probably had a lot to do with that… but I was also deeply amused that the character of the ghola Hayt is supposed to be a clone of the original Idaho, but in the first film he was played by a Scot with long hair and then is cloned into a buttoned up posh English guy, and in the best traditions of bad sci-fi, no one notices.

However I’m not talking about either the death of the first Idaho a the hands of the Sardaukar or the death of the first ghola in Children of Dune. I’m referring to his death in God Emperor of Dune (one of many) when he get squished by the Emperor’s giant sandworm body. What a waste.

Even Better 30 Day Song Challenge – Day 29 – Track to Track to Get The Party Started

Who doesn’t love a creepy cabaret song?

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