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Day 05 – A Book You Hate

I don't own a copy of this, so here's an angry catOnce again there was no contest for this one, it has to be Remains Of The Day by Kazuo Ishiguro.

This the single most boring and pointless book I’ve ever been forced to read. I no longer remember if it was on the GCSE or A-Level English Lit syllabus, but this book is the reason I chose not to study English to degree level and the reason I won’t read anything that has won the Booker Prize unless at least 10 people can give me decent reviews.

Not only is it deeply depressing, the subplot is actually significantly better than the main story. I get that the butler has a pointless and lonely life but did we really have to read 250+ pages of it, when we could have been reading about the tragic, misguided landowner and his suspicious dealings with the Nazis? I hate books that put too much stress on their metaphors to the detriment of the plot and this had that in spades. There’s one scene where the main character visits a lake and you’re basically clubbed around the head with clumsy meaningful descriptions for ten pages. It’s like the author wrote “look at me, I’m clever” on a shovel and hit you in the face with it. Actually that would have been infinity more enjoyable. The only good things about this book is that it ends. But not nearly soon enough.

Even Better Thirty Day Song Challenge – Day 5 – Track For Feeling Lovesick and Bad

As previously mentioned, I’m a huge Gary Numan fan. This has to be one of my favourite songs, certainly one of the most heartbreaking.


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