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Day 01 – A Book Series You Wished Would Just End Already

For the next thirty days I’m going to attempt the Thirty Days Of Books meme. Just to stop this becoming an entirely book centric blog I’m also going to do the Even Better Thirty Day Song Challenge from Facebook.

Day 01 – A Book Series You Wished Would Just End Already

I’m not going to say Twilight. It’s ooooh so tempting to choose that one, but I’m going to have some integrity and not talk about anything I haven’t read. I’ve seen New Moon and that has guaranteed I won’t ever read the Twilight series :p

I nominate A Song Of Ice And Fire by George R.R. Martin. My partner got into these books whilst we were at university (2001-2004) and really enjoyed them. They were originally planned as a trilogy. But after reading the first three he found that the series had been expanded beyond the original limit AND the fourth book hadn’t come out yet. Whilst we only waited a year for it to be released, there had actually been a 5 year gap between the release of book 3 “A Storm Of Swords” in 2000 and book 4 “A Feast of Crows” in 2005. Book 5 still hasn’t been released, and I won’t believe the July 2011 release date until I see the book on the shelves. There are apparently 2 more books due before the series is finished. Onwards To Rantings

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